My children are blessed to be able to attend Hoosier Academies Virtual School.  I call it home school with back up!  Since we have six children we wanted to have a space that was dedicated to school.  We have a family room and a Living room, we turned the living room into our classroom.  I did a lot of research prior to buying anything or painting and Pinterest played a big part of it!  In the end we chose to go with a bright green color for the walls, white furniture and red accents.  Something bright, lively and puts you in a good mood when you walk in.  The results aren’t my “dream” classroom, I couldn’t get my husband to go for the built in desk unit I really wanted, but I’m pretty proud of how we pulled it together.  We spend a lot of time in here and I want them enjoy their time here and be proud of the space.  It happens to be the first thing that people see when they walk into our home, and I suppose that’s fitting because it is the center of our family’s life right now.

So let’s take a peek inside our classroom:


We have two of the 9-Cube Organizers that hold extra supplies and books.  Our printer sets on cabinet with two doors and three shelves inside.  This is perfect for keeping all our extra paper and ink supplies as well as even more of our school supplies.  I found the letters and numbers in the craft section of Meijer and painted them red.  Most of the other items you will see on our walls were from Target’s Dollar Section or Dollar Tree.

We found 4 student desks at Office Max on sale this fall, they were perfect in size for the children and had some storage for their own supplies as well.  STORAGE IS KEY!  You won’t believe how much stuff you have if you don’t have anywhere to keep it!  I found the chairs in red at target this fall and was lucky enough to that they went on clearance for around $5 each!


We purchased a smaller white board and cork board for the wall.  We use this a lot for spelling and math.  I would have LOVED to have a larger one, but there just wasn’t enough space left.

On the other wall that I do not have a photo of right now, is two more desks that my husband and I use.  They are larger desks than the children’s desks.  His is a glass desk top with silver framework.  Mine is a solid wood desk that I really would like to paint white to match, but haven’t  had the time for that yet.

We will be changing things up a little bit for this coming fall.  I purchased a coffee table and end table at goodwill and will be painting one with chalkboard paint and the other with dry eraser paint.  The end table will be the perfect size for our Kindergarten and First grader to use as their desk.  We have two small chairs for them to use with it.  I am hoping to make a few large floor pillows to go with the coffee table, so it’s a fun place to sit and work.

The best advice I can give is to remember that your classroom will be ever evolving.  As your children grow and as you learn more about coaching them through their learning, you will need to change things.  You may find things that you think are going to be fabulous only to to discover it just didn’t work…you should hear our story about the falling alphabet posters, YIKES!  I find that my children get excited (especially the younger ones) when we get new things to add to the classroom. Just like children who go to traditioanl school, their classroom is a place they have many childhood memories.  I want our classroom to be  a place of many happy memories for them too!