Physical Education is a required class for students at our virtual school.  Last year we counted things like sports practices and games, playing outside and riding bikes.  This year I’d like to do a little more.  I want to still expose them to all the things they’d have the opportunity to learn in a traditional school.  We came up with the following list of things that we may or may not try.  It will give us ideas to pull from.  Currently we have a membership to the YMCA, so we can take advantage of the gym and indoor pool as well.  Look for a local community center, YMCA, church with open gym time, a park or even your backyard.


Some of these things you will need to find others to participate in and others you can just teach certain skills.




Bowling (use 2 liters and a softball to do this at home)

Obstacle Course


Hop Scotch


Chinese jump rope

Simon Says

Pin Pong

Laser tag

Dart Tag (with nerf guns)

Relay Races






Weight Lifting



Riding a Bike (try to increase time or distance and ride for a purpose)
Running (use the car to map out a route and mileage or download an app like Map my run to track time and distance)

Fitness test (60 seconds of jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups; vertical jump, mile run, sit and reach)  Test this each month and encourage imporvement

The PE requirement for our school is one hour a week.  Personally I expect my kids to be active each day, as this is necessary for life.  Spending 30 minutes a day being active also helps break up the wiggles in younger kids and refocus the older kids minds.

Just for fun add a mandatory 30 second wiggle session after each completed curriculum lesson!  =)