Getting organized and finding things that “actually” work can be two different things! Well this year I repurposed some plastic drawers we had and gave the kids individual mailboxes.


This has been one of the best things I have added do far. At first I thought hmm maybe this is just going to be a lot of wasted space…now my thought is…it’s BRILLIANT!!! 🙂

The black box on top (from targets dollar section last year!) is where all finished work goes. I take it out and grade it as I have time and put it in their mailbox when I’m done.

If I print something for them, find a resource that might help them, or have a note to leave them I put it in their mailbox.

I have to admit, going from 4 to 6 in virtual school has been a big adjustment. Already I’ve discovered there is a lot more paperwork, kmails and schedules to organize, and these mailboxes will save me from a mound of papers on my desk, and ensure everyone has what they need!

Yay!!! A solution to our paper piles!!