This is a super cute, easy and inexpensive math game you can make at home and use for all ages.

What you’ll need:

Fake Eyeballs –The Dollar Tree has bags of a dozen eyeballs for Halloween. They are tad smaller then ping pong balls. (If you didn’t want to use eyeballs you could definetly use ping pong balls in its place.)

Permanent Marker

Paper Bag

1, Write the numbers 1-12 on the back of the eyeballs

2. Put them in a paper bag.


How to use them:

Game 1 – Who’s number is greater than or less than the others

Each player pulls one eyeball from the bag. They then read the number on their eyeball. Who ever has the greatest or least (depending on how you are playing the game) wins all the eyeballs that round.

Keep pulling eyeballs until they are all gone.

The winner is whoever has the most eyeballs. Play several rounds adding the point til you reach a given max points (25, 50 ect)

Game 2 – Math Facts

Each player pulls 2 numbers and then adds, subtracts, multiply or divides the numbers depending on what you are working on.

For added challenge see how many they can get right in a minute or five minutes.

Get creative and make up your own games! Post in the comments to share your fun math games with the eyeballs!