I often find myself just “spying” on my kids. No I’m not trying to catch them doing something bad, instead I’m trying to absorb their youth. I’ve learned already that they grow up way to fast. I can hardly believe my “baby” started high school this year and my other “baby” started Kindergarten…where did the last decade go?

I try to remind myself to just relax and watch them, because one day those memories will be more precious then gold to me.

20130827-020407.jpgFor instance my sweet Ana…She was up Saturday morning watching TV, while I was at my desk. I can see into the family room just enough to see her standing there watching tv with several of her stuffed animals lined up on the coffee table watching with her.

Or later that day when AJ was outside digging a whole in the yard. My first thought…what are you doing, we have enough holes from the dogs. But instead I just watched him. He was trying to “plant” a tree. It was a tree branch that he thought for sure he could replant for me. When he finally came in having propped it up with several things, he said, “Mom, I’m trying to plant this tree for you, but I just can’t get it to stay up.” How sweet is he. Who would have thought he was doing that for ME! I think we’ll have to go get him a real tree to plant in the back yard for me.20130827-020354.jpg 20130827-020347.jpg 20130827-020338.jpg

So remember…take a few minutes each day and just observe them, love them, soak in their sweet youthful innocence, because they are by far the greatest blessing we could ever receive.