It’s the holiday season and everyone is rushing around, worried about their schedule, to do list, shopping ect.  I personally try to avoid the stores, especially the grocery on the weekends, however this weekend I had no choice.  There is something about hungry kids and no food in the house that requires a weekend trip every now and then.  I managed to survive the store and was  putting my groceries away in the bitter cold.  As I walked back from putting my cart up, I had noticed a lady a few cars away, about my mom’s age, putting her groceries in her car.  She was just putting the last bag in so I walked over and asked her if I could take her cart of her.  As I walked in the opposite direction of the store, I noticed instead of getting in her car, she stood there and watched me put her cart up.  As I walked back she cautiously walked over to me and with the biggest smile and proceeded to thank me, tell me Merry Christmas and give me a hug.  She went on about how there just wasn’t enough people in the world anymore that do things for others.  For me, I try to do this no matter what the weather.  Its not uncommon if I have one of my kids with me that we do this for someone after we’ve finished putting our things away.  I have thought about this lady for several days now.  I just wanted to bring a smile to someone’s face, let her get in her car and get warm quicker and be off with her day, instead, her reaction brought tears to my eyes.  Her taking the time to give me a hug was just what I needed that day as well.  You just never know what someone is going through, how one simple thing can make them feel better, and in this case, she did that for me.  So as your rushing about, take a minute and do something nice for someone else.  You don’t have to buy someone’s coffee to brighten someone’s day…sometimes is just a simple smile and a kindness that can change things.