My sweet grandmother passed away in March, her 82nd birthday would have been 2 days ago.  Sometimes you never realize the impact someone has had on your life until they are gone.  She was an amazing grandmother.  I have so many fond memories of the many years that I spent with her.  I grew up in the house next door to my grandparents business for 8 years.  I saw them every day.  I learned to ride my bike in the store parking lot.  I didn’t have other neighborhood kids to play with, so I spent many of my days visiting with them at the store.  Playing in the old television boxes that my grandfather would create a playhouse for me in the entrance of the store, watching one of the many daytime television shows she would watch while she tended to the store, playing cards, or just talking with her while she wrote her weekly letters to family.  I spent several weekends with her as well. She would take me with her to all my aunts and uncles games, plays, or other performances.

She was an avid baseball fan, and braved taking several of her grandchildren to an Indianapolis Indian’s game at the old stadium all by herself.  It was a double header…oh was that a long night.  She spent all season watching MLB nearly every night…I’ll be honest it drove me nuts!  I couldn’t stand to watch baseball on TV for the longest time.

She taught me to play cards…but by her rules. =) She spent hours showing me the many photo albums she had of her life.  I learned the value of a photograph from her.  She hated to be photographed and unfortunately I took on that trait.  I am trying to remember now that though I may not like what I see in those photos, my children and grandchildren won’t see the same flaws I see.  Instead they will see, I hope, the person they know loved them with all her heart.  For that I am trying to remember to be “IN” the photos not just taking them.

She was my biggest cheerleader my whole life.  Even when I screwed up, she never said a bad word, she just supported my decisions.  She was such an unconditionally loving woman.  I couldn’t even begin to write about all the memories and lessons I have learned from her.

We were fortunate to be able to take all the kids to her funeral.  All of my aunts and uncles and those cousins who could attend stayed at the same hotel, on the same floor for that weekend.  Though it was a somber time, I know without a doubt she would be so happy to know that we spent that time together.  We are all spread across the country and rarely get to spend time together.  We took advantage of an unseasonably warm day and went to the park, laughing and making memories with a snowball fight in shorts.  We stayed up late playing cards and being silly.  She would have loved to have been there.

Her life gives us a guide to be amazing, loving, giving people.  Her death reminds us that life is short and to live each moment we have been given.

The following is her favorite scripture and eulogy which “the granddaughters” were honored to tearfully read at her services.

Favorite Scripture:

Do not judge, or you too wil be judged.  For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. -Matthew 7:1-2


Joyce Joan (Steider) McClatchey was born January 21, 1932 in North Loup, Nebraska to Elmer and Dorthy (Larkin) Steider, the second of seven children and joined her heavenly father on Thursday, March 7, 2013 at her home in Albuquerque, Mew Mexico at the age of 81 years 1 month and 14 days.  Joyce grew up on the family farm which operated as the “vegetable Gardner & Market Sales” with her family in Beaver Crossing, NE and Lincoln, AR.

As a senior in Lincoln, AR, where she graduated high school, Joyce was named as State All-Star Basketball Player.  Deciding not to follow her basketball aspirations and the offer to join the Semi-pro team “the Arkansas Red Heads,” Joyce married Gale Lee McClatchey on September 4, 1949 in Washington County, AR.  Shortly after their marriage they moved to Jeffersonville, IN.  While living here Joyce worked at Woolworths and Sears as a salesperson in Louisville, KY.  In 1955 Joyce and husband Gale became proprietors of “Gales TV Sales & Service” in Beech Grove, Indiana, serving in this location over 54 years, through 2009.  Joyce handled the bookkeeping, sales and receptionist duties in addition to her domestic engineering duties and mothering.  From 1951-1966, gale and Joyce had six children; Deborah, David, Jill, Nancy, Scott and Sara all of whom grew up in the family business and in the Beech Grove City School System, Beech Grove, IN.

Before moving to Albuquerque, NM in late 2009, Joyce attended several congregations of the Church of God throughout Indianapolis most recently South Meridian Street Chruch of God where she was also a member of the Red Hat Ladies Society.  Joyce was a member of the WCG (Women of Church of God) and Missions o the Church of God. She took part in missionary trips to Guatemala and Mexico.  Joyce was a good Christian mother and wife who also enjoyed embroidering, sewing, cross stitch, crafts, puzzles, playing card & Board games.  She was the glue that held the family and extended family together.  Her weekly letter writing to family and friends along with special occasion cards allowed her to remain connected to all she held dear and loved.  Joyce’s children benefited from the unselfish giving of herself as she supported each of them through all school & church extra-curricular activities where she participated as a “sports mom”, bad booster, chaperone, taxi driver and overal #1 fan to each of them in whatever activity they participated.  Joyce also enjoyed traveling and took advantage of the availability through all modes of transportation possible-nationally and internationally via train, bus, plane, house boat, cruise ship and many family vacations by car.

Joyce is survived by her husband of 63 years, Gale McClatchey, Albuquerque, NM children and spouses, Deborah and Wayne Chitwood, Titusville, FL, David McClatchey, IN, Jill Leath, Albuquerque, NM, Nancy and Steve Browning, Rio Rancho, NM, Scott A. McClatchey, Seaside, CA, Sara and Kevin Martin, Washburn, IL; her 14 grandchildren and their significant others, Marsha and John Fagan, Macy, IN, Paul Wilder, Melbourne, FL, Sabrina Wilder, Cocoa, FL, Jennifer and Luke Fitzpatrick, Rachel and Robert Page, Lee McClathcey, Thomas and Nicole McClatchey all of IN, Clyde and Amy Romero, Albuquerque, NM, Karen Romero of Arizona, Stephanie and Issac Browning, Rio Rancho, NM, Lauren, Derk, & Mallory Martin, Washburn, IL; great grandmother of 26; a sister Verna Martin, Titusville, FL, brothers and sisters in laws; Lee and Norma Steider, Roger and Bev Steider and Glenn and Judy Steider, all of Lincoln, NE, brothers in law and sister in law Darrel and Barbara McClatchey, Blue Springs, MO, Doothy McClatchey, Des Moines, IA, and Atwood Watson of Mitchell, NE, 18 loving nieces & nephews.

Celebration of Life was held on March 16,2013 at Lauber-Moore Funeral Home in Beaver Crossing, NE.

Steve Browning – Message

Granddaughters, Marsha, Jennifer, Rachel, Stephanie and Mallory- Eulogy

Pallbearers: Thomas McClathcey, Derek Martin, Luke Fitzpatrick, Bob Page, Andrew Fitzpatrick, and Al McClatchey

Honorary Pallbearers: David McClatchey and Scott McClatchey

Mallory Martin performed a violin solo

Songs sung by those in attendance and accompainment by Sherry Noler:

“All That Thrills My Soul”

“Amazing Grace”

“How Great Thou Art”

Memorials Established to:

Meridian Church of God

7800 South Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46217


Heartland Hospice of Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Interment: Beaver Crossing Cemetery, Beaver Crossing, Nebraska

Grandma I will always love you and you will always be close to my heart. Thank you for the many memories you gave to me, the lessons you have taught and continue to teach us, and the unconditional love that you gave so freely. May you rest in peace and be our guardian angel.