I have just begun my first full year as a computer teacher.  Last year, getting started in the middle of the year, and trying to get acquainted with everything, I didn’t take the time to do much to the room.  This year, I decided I needed something that would be bright and cheery.  I have no windows in my room, so bright was definitely a requirement.  After many searches on pinterest, I finally decided on a Candy Land theme.  I wasn’t able to find a ton of ideas online, but I took what I could as inspiration and ran with it.  I was able to complete this for under $30.

Here is my door  I used construction paper and cut gumdrop shapes.  We started at the top (by we, I should say, my 15-year-old son, because I couldn’t reach on the short ladder I had) and placed the straight edge against the ceiling.  The second row we started out about a half gumdrop from the top row and staggered them.  The straight edge of the second row is under the first row to achieve the “layered” look.  We finished with a simple scalap edge for “icing” effect. I found red and white wasabi tape that I used to border the door.  I wish I could have found something thicker for this.  The letters are from United Arts and Education (on clearance).  I would have LOVED to add more to this door, but I finished this at 10 pm the night before the first day of school.  First lesson I learned….give myself a lot more time or become less of a perfectionist when doing this. : )

Next is my “candy” wall.  The large colorful candies are made from dollar store paper plates and tissue paper.  Super simple and very inexpensive.  Above the computers I used another Candy Land cut out from United Arts and Education.  I still need to add the name tags that are made to look like large candy land cards.

candy wall


I have one wall with 3 big bulletin boards.  The furthest one is my Lab rules, the middle is our school bible verse for the year and the last is my “Sweet Typing Success” board.

The lab rules is a black background with a gumball border.  I cut out tiny “gummy” bears and randomly placed them all over the board, printed out my rules and threw it together. This one was one of the last things I did…I pretty much “threw” it together in a panic. 🙂

The “Sweet Typing Success” board is bordered with colorful cupcake holders folded in half and stapled around the board.  Thank you to my 14 year old daughter for doing this for me.  I have added numbers 10,20,30,40,50 under the heading.  I will add students names as they achieve each level of typing success.

You can also see the candies hanging from the ceiling, these are balloons and clear cellophane(from the dollar store).  The kids LOVE these!  In the far corner you can see the tall suckers against the wall.  These I used the empty tubes from the cellophane, covered them with white paper, drew red lines around them, added a balloon and covered with cellophane.  Between the bulletin boards I used paper straws (blue and white stripped) that I got from the dollar store as well.

b. boards

The word wall came from Elementary Techie Teacher and the letters were marked down at Walmart.  I cut them apart to use for the word wall.

word wall

And finally, the front of my room.  This photo isn’t the best, but the white board is bordered with Candy Land bulletin board boarder from United Arts and Education.  I added two tissue “flowers” that I randomly got from the dollar store because they were “colorful”.  They just so happened to be the perfect color and hid the corner edges quite well.


Although there are plenty of things I now realize I could have done quicker, easier or better in some way, it’s not half bad for my first attempt at decorating a classroom.  Best of all were all the little eyes that lit up as they walked into the classroom and saw all the colorful decorations.