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Having gone through this process two times now, one for myself and with my ex-husband, I thought it might be helpful to give those of you who are considering it an idea of what it will be like.

*First if you need a referral code to get your application fee waived, comment below with your email and I’ll send you one.  NO reason to pay for it, when they’ll give you a code to do it for free, right?!

*Once you’ve filled out the application, you will be given a log in, this will be your log in as a student as well, and will end up being your email address as well.  I would recommend getting a notebook and making notes of all these passwords, phone numbers, ect as you go through the process.

* If you’ve attended college before get those transcripts sent ASAP.  These can take a little while sometimes, so its best to get on it right away.

*Fill out your FASFA forms.  Make sure you have your tax forms from last year ready, it will make things a lot simpler for you.  At the end of this application it will give you an idea of what you can expect in terms of grants and/or loans.

*Assessments, for the most part everyone has to take these.  You will take a basic math and language assessment.  You should give yourself 45 minutes to an hour to complete these.  Then you will write a short essay 200-800 words.  They give you 4 hours to write it, but it really doesn’t take long.  I have seen some examples of questions spread about the internet from time to time.  I believe my husband’s had something to do with how workers skill sets have changed over the last 100 years.  That’s not exactly what the question was, but something to that effect I believe.  Finally there is an assestment to ensure that online classes are a good fit for you.  It takes maybe 15 minutes to answer these questions.  No big deal at all.  You want to get all 4 of these done ASAP though.  They take around 5 to 7 days to get the results back and the waiting can be painful! : (

*Contact your Enrollment specialist (by phone) and they will likely set up your entrance interview.  Again this one is no big deal, you just have to answer questions to ensure you are a good fit.

Once you have completed everything and are accepted you will have an orientation class you will take.  And be assigned a start date.

If you do everything efficiently and don’t drag your feet, you could realistically be completely done with the process in a week or two.

One last tip…you do NOT have to start right away.  Let’s say you have a vacation coming up next month, go ahead and get your enrollment stuff done and then request the following month as a start date.  Everyone starts on the first day of the month, but it can be any month of the year.  By getting everything in and completed, you can ensure you get the start date you’d like, versus finding out there is a wait (1 person told me there was a wait at one time, not sure how often that happens).

Good Luck and Welcome to the WGU family!