social media break

Social media has enhanced our lives in so many ways, connecting with old friends and family in a way we never would have imagined possible even 10 years ago.  It allows us to share our lives, our achievements, our happy moments with those we care about and those who well we were in first grade together so yeah lets be friends.  The sad thing is that there seem to be two extremes.  You either have the people who are so positive about everything, that when you look at their life you begin to compare yourself and in some cases that just brings you down.  On the other hand, you have those who are suffering and posting how much this or that sucks about their life to the point that you have to unfollow them to not be sucked into the vortex of negativity.  There are so many people judging what you say, what you keep private, who your friends with, what you do with your time, no one is happy, even if everything in their life is great.

Then there is the in person effects of social media.  This is the people who are watching you but maybe not commenting publicly…but they have something to say about your life when they see you.  And heaven forbid you not post enough about your life, then the assumptions start rolling in and the unsolicited advice about your life, based solely on what people think might be occurring.

I’ve been noticing how many of my decisions and even somewhat my attitude has been effected by these things.  It certainly doesn’t make me proud that I’ve allowed the influence of such to play a part in how I’m reacting to things or even decisions I’m making that I normally would think through differently.  It makes me wonder how differently things would be if we didn’t have social media.

I’ve strongly considered just stepping away from social media for a time, however it seems you have to make such a production about it.  You either have to keep your profile live and come back to 1000+ notifications and people wondering why you’ve not responded to them, or you have to make a big production about it and announce that you’ll be leaving for a while.   Or the third option, you delete your account and everyone gasps at your whereabouts.  You can’t even seem to easily disappear anymore these days.  Just drop off the planet and go into a social seclusion.

I think I might try this combination of social seclusion and keeping people guessing.  Since I use social media these days primarily to keep memories and photos of the kids for later, I still will post on Instagram, otherwise at some point I’m gonna wonder want in the world happened during that time, but what if I deleted Facebook and didn’t tell anyone.  Can you imagine the controversy?!?  Obviously I’m being overly dramatic, no one is gonna notice, but for those of you who do.  If I forget your birthday or don’t return a message, reach out to me another way.  For now I am going to slip into a social seclusion and see how things take shape without the influence of so many others.