I walked into one of the stops on my Sunday job route and planned to say hello to the same cashier, smile and wish her a good day, just as I have for the last four months. She never says anything back. She never smiles back, she hardly acknowledged me. I had two choices…I could have stopped saying anything to her because why beat your head up against a wall if you know it’s gonna hurt, or I could keep saying hello, smiling and wishing her a good day.

This time I walked into the store and before I even reached her she smiled. We exchanged hellos and wish each other a good day. I walked out and felt silly how warm and fuzzy it made me feel. Had I given up onl being who I was and let her response (or lack of one) change the way I acted, she would have probably never even shared a smile with me.

As I walked back to my car it had me thinking, it’s true you never know what someone else is going through…just be kind. How often in our life do we change our course, thoughts or actions based on the world around us, or worse what other people tell us we should do? How often do we expect things immediately instead of being patient and accepting of things as they are?

I’ve slowed down a lot over the past few months. I’m still busy, I have 6 kids, busy is a casualty of that unfortunately….but I’ve slowed my mind, steady my thoughts and found more joy in seeing things in a different light. The things I once would have allowed someone to tell me to abandon or been less patient with, I have discovered great joy in being patient. Instead of being so hyper focused on the end result, the goal to be reached, or that thing you want so badly you can hardly stand it….STOP! Stop and enjoy the process, enjoy seeing how everything unfolds, enjoy those memories created in the patient process of life! I promise you, it is still possible to reach your goals, have those things you’ve always dreamed of, get to that end result your striving for AND still slow down and enjoy the process. Those things will all be so much more amazing when you can get there having experienced such joy in being patient in the process.

Just imagine how things in your life would feel, if something as simple as a patiently waited for smile, hello and have a good day could bring you a warm fuzzy feeling, trust me…be patient in the process, you will find a greater joy in everything.