I know that my ex has seen some of the things I’ve written about my life, and before I was brave enough to stand up for myself, I even deleted one post that was particularly painful to write but was authentically my truth. I regret every day removing that posts, I silenced myself out of fear.

I don’t share my past for you feel sorry for me. I don’t share it out of hate or anger. I share it because I am healing, and I would have given anything to see myself in someone else while I was in the thick of it. See someone who was stumbling through progress the way I am now. Someone I could have believed in and realized through their story I could have a better life too.

I share my stories in hopes that all that I went through can someday be an early lesson to others. If I can save one person from the decades of pain I endured, I will consider my time in that hell worth it.

So yes….I will continue to share as I feel comfortable in doing so, and I will not silence myself again for your comfort. If you want me to write about my wonderful experience with you in my life, you better be sure that’s what you gave me and not something ugly you don’t want the world to know about!