We often feel like we are obligated to be “nice” to someone because they did this, or they are somehow connected to us superficially through work, kids school/sports, or otherwise. Everyone you know does not have to be your friend. That should really be held for those who you are closest with and are deserving of such a place in your life.

But the fact is we get to choose who we allow in our lives. We get to decide how connected someone gets to be to us.

Do I have to accept a friend/follow request? No! And news flash it doesn’t make you a bad person or mean because you choose not to.

Do you have to give your phone number to everyone? Heck no! If you own a business or have a job that requires communication through your personal number… do yourself a favor and get a google voice number. Separate your work from home life.

Do you have someone in your life that brings negative feelings, maybe they are just exhausting to communicate with, or act like they are entitled to or a bigger part of your life then they really are….

JUST STOP COMMUNICATING WITH THEM! You don’t have to respond, you don’t have to give an explanation. Sure if you’d like to set a boundary do so…but if they keep crossing it, LET GO!

One of the biggest lessons I learned after my divorce was how much better my life was as I got rid of the negativity. It wasn’t just my ex, it was friends, acquaintances that were just not bringing the things into my life, into my space that weren’t good for me. As I let go, it was rough at first, but after time things I let go of were naturally replaced by things or people that were truly good for me.

Change is hard, but if your life isn’t what you want it to be…start by looking at what you are allowing into your world.

A lot of us as we get older, ok everyone, just some won’t admit it; get set in their ways. There isn’t anything wrong with this until or unless your life is not what you want. The ONLY way to change your life is to CHANGE! If what you’ve been doing for the last 5,10,15 years or more isn’t leading you to the life you truly want….be willing to let go of things, be willing to make changes. If it hasn’t worked for that long, what do you have to lose by taking a chance on something different? Chances are if you don’t make a change you’re going to lose somethings anyway!